How to Meet Someone without Technology Killing Your Self-esteem and Making You Feel More Alone than You were before Making an Account

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Dating apps seldom improve our lives or make us happier. They exploit basic human interaction; reduce us down to our most superficial characteristics: name, job title, and location; and research illustrates the adverse mental health issues affecting their users. Their business model is no different than hedge funds. They add no intrinsic value to the economy; do not produce or manufacture any product; and are just vessels for redistributing money. These companies are profiting billions of dollars by…

Why We Have to Throw Away the Old Tradition of Not Talking about Politics to Save Our Country

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We are told too often not to discuss religion, money, and politics, but do we continue this rule if it is at the expense of our Republic? Our country is falling apart and the fabric of our democracy is unravelling. Is it time to say enough with the niceties and start injecting this long-held taboo into our public discourse?

The spread of fake news is growing, and the portion of Americans who receive their news from social media has risen at a…

Why Tariffs Rarely Work and What Trump Could Have Learned from History

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In October 2015, President Obama and eleven other countries in the Pacific Ocean proposed a free-trade agreement, as a way to wane the outsourcing of millions of jobs and trillions of dollars going to China. This was not just to quell America’s reliance on China, but so that other countries could as well. In February 2016, Barack Obama and those same eleven countries signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership into law, which would be the largest and most comprehensive multinational trade negotiation in United States history. …

What Happened, Is it Feasible, and What Can We Do Now?

During the 2020 presidential election, millions of Americans heard about universal basic income for the first time, but the debate for UBI in the United States has persisted for fifty years now. As a continuation of Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty, which aimed to eradicate poverty for good, Nixon introduced the Family Assistance Plan in 1969. The program would provide $500 to every adult and $300 to each child, meaning a family of four would receive $1600 a year, which is nearly $12,000 a year in 2021.


How his Shareholders Reacted and What Happened to Company Growth Might Surprise You

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In 1987, Paul O’Neill assumed the position of CEO at the Aluminum Company of America, more succinctly referred to as Alcoa. At the first board meeting, he announced his primary goal: getting worker safety down to zero, and thousands of shareholders nearly had a heart attack. Many investors and board members pleaded with him to revise the new company objective because at the time, Alcoa was already amongst the safest manufacturing companies in America.

The year O’Neill became the comany’s new CEO, five out of 100 American…

How Ronald Reagan used coded language and vehemently opposed policies that bolstered equality in the post-civil rights era

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Ronald Reagan was a racist in a time when it wasn’t okay to be a racist. Coretta Scott King said in November of 1980, “I am scared that if Ronald Reagan gets into office, we are going to see more of the Ku Klux Klan and a resurgence of the Nazi Party.” Yes, this is the wife of the most influential and recognizable civil rights leader of the past century, calling Ronald Reagan what he was: a white supremacist.

Ronald Reagan opposed…

What can Ordinary Americans do to Address a Problem that has Persisted for Hundreds of Years?

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Sometimes referred to as the “forgotten minority,” Native Americans are often not stood up for because they are so underrepresented or glossed over in American history. They are so overlooked that, often times, if you do a Google search for demographic statistics, it includes black, white, Asian, and Hispanic — many times not even mentioning Native Americans at all.

So here are some of the statistics that I’m referring to: the life expectancy is about four years shorter than the national average; the median…

But can ordinary Americans rely on them for a helping hand? I think I have a solution, I call it: “celebrity tricke-down economics”

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We are often told that Hollywood performers and high-profile entertainers are our friends, defenders of the common man, crusaders for causes like climate change and civil rights, but why are they so utterly silent when signing multimillion dollar deals with multibillion dollar corporations that still refuse to pay livable wages?

When millions of Americans are marching in the streets for $15 an hour, many of our supposed idols are in fancy boardrooms, shaking hands with the same…

When Republicans say “Never Forget” they really mean “those victims and fallen heroes can eat shit”

In 2006, two Democrats initially co-sponsored a bill for the first time to help provide health monitoring and aid to the first responders, firemen, cops, volunteers, the survivors, victims, and their families. Unfortunately, the House and Senate were both controlled by the Republicans, and they refused to even hear the bill. The bill wouldn’t be revisited until Democrats regained control of the Senate chamber in 2010. …

How an entire class of elites we know and love is profiting off of Uber drivers’ starvation wages

If you’ve been on Twitter, you know Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, amongst other progressive politicians, have a long history of sparring with Uber for not providing adequate benefits and wages. Yet, of course, all these politicians are also guilty of using the services themselves (but it’s tough to blame them considering how accessible and well-functioning the company is).

Sanders has taken the time to call out the CEO, but can the blame only be cast on one person…

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